Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#5. . . . .

#5 . . . . . will arrive on Dec 1, 2010!!! Yep, I am twelve weeks pregnant, today. Yes, it was planned. Very carefully in fact. Izzy starts school in September (yay!!) and Logan will be starting pre-school then too (yay!!) and I didn't want to miss the school year, and wanted some space between the barage of late September/October birthdays in our family and extended family (six of them, to be exact), and I 've always wanted a winter baby to bundle right up, so December 1st it is. Just in time to ruin Christmas instead. (just kidding) I think I am feeling better now. I've been the sickest with this one. Hard to remember though, but I threw up for the first time in my pregnancy "career" this time around, and I felt nauseous a lot, and all the time. Whereas in my past pregnancies, I was nauseous starting late afternoon and all evening. Glad that's pretty well over now.
I am fully counting on Dec. 1st. I have this weird pattern in my pregnancy "career." I have always been due on Wednesdays. Avery was born right on his due date, Jacob was 3 days late, (Saturday) Izzy was right on her due date (and the only sensible one to be born at a half decent hour) and Logan was 3 days late,(Saturday) so this one should be right on it's due date, right?
The kids are pretty excited. Izzy is rooting for a girl. I don't care either way. I've got at least one of each, so whatever. I just need to know in advance, so UC Baby, here I come.

This will be the fifth and final, in case anyone's wondering. I feel satisfied, even though my original intention was to have six, that's not the case anymore. Five is good.
And just in case you think I haven't totally lost my mind, (which is debatable) I want to use cloth diapers. (If there was any doubt, it's gone now, right?) So I am asking if anyone out there has used them, knows anyone who has used them, and what their experience has been. I've been researching some, and am thinking about a couple of different brands, including "Apple Cheeks", "Fuzzibunz", "Bummis". So, if anyone has any info, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I will take belly shots and make a conscious effort to keep this thing updated more regularly. Comments really keep me going, hint, hint.