Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meghan Jayne

She's finally arrived!!! Meghan Jayne Moses was born at 8:01pm on Thursday December 9th. She tipped the scales at 7 lbs even,(a new record low!)and was 19.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing great, and the rest of the clan are quite taken with her. More pics and details to follow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby stuff!

I have been busy getting ready for baby. I found a crib that I LOVE, on kijiji for $40. Yep, $40. I was so excited!! I had my heart set on a mini crib, that converts into a twin bed, but we'd have to order it from the states, and the shipping was a little ridiculous, so Brian put the kybosh to that one. It's okay though. I'm very pleased with my super deal. I love the turned spindles.

I am in the middle of redecorating the nursery with these fabrics. Can't wait to take the after pics!

I discovered "Sleepy Wrap". My sister, Keah purchased one, and I really liked it, so I made my own. Mine is beige. Didn't want to go too crazy with the color. Beige will match everything.

Also made myself a new portable changing pad. I copied the "Patemm" pad. I think they're pretty cool. You can check these out at &

I've gone through all my girl clothes, and have washed and put them all away. Now I just need the baby!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Update

Last week at my 38 week appointment, baby was in a breech position. Booooooo! She was bum down, so I was referred to an OB-GYN. I really, really, really, didn't want to have a c-section and was willing to try a breech delivery if the doctor agreed to, so I was booked for an ultrasound and assessment that took place today. I am thrilled to say that the little bugger decided to turn around the right way, so she is head down, for now, and doc says there's an 80% chance she'll stay that way. The head isn't fully engaged, but it's down pretty far. I have been booked for another assessment next Tuesday November 30th at 9am, to see if she's still head down. If she is, they will induce me then, (if I don't go into labour before then). Only one day shy of my due date. I'm measuring a bit small, which is unusual for me. I've been measuring 1cm smaller for weeks, then I caught up, and now I'm back to 1cm smaller. The ultrasound today estimated baby's weight at 6lbs 4oz. I don't believe it though. My smallest baby was 8lbs 4 oz, and I feel I'm about that big this time around too. Time will tell though. Still have a week to grow, and still have so much to do. The nursery is pretty much done. Just one more quick project, and then I'll post pics. I just decided to make a rag quilt. I've never made one for myself before. I always give them away.
On another totally unrelated note, we're planning a trip to Utah at the end of February. Brian has a medical conference in Park City, so we're making a family vacation out of it. I am looking for suggestions of things to do while there, and the names and locations of some awesomne fabric/crafty stores and just general good shopping. I know there's a great outlet centre in Park City I've been to once before. I want to stock up while I'm there. We'll be in Park City from the Feb 27-Mar 4, and in and around Salt Lake from Feb 23-27 and Mar 4-7. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Keep in mind I'll have 5 kids aged 0-10 years. Oh, and in case you think I'm entirely crazy, we are bringing our mothers along to help out. Not doing that alone! We'd love to meet up with friends while we're there too, so we'll have to plan a get together of some sort!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

28 week belly pic and other stuff

Holy Blog slacker! I don't know why I have such a hard time uploading pictures onto the computer, but for some reason, I do. Even though I'm at 31 weeks now, I'll post my 28 week belly pic. Not a great one, but as you can see, I'm definitely growing.

I guess I'll start where I left off last time. I visited my family in Bridgewater in mid August, while Brian took Avery and Jacob to Orlando, for the Star Wars Celebration 5 convention. Nope, I'm not kidding. I asked him to do a post about their trip, so hopefully that'll happen soon. They had a great time. I, on the other hand, did not so much. Izzy and Logan had had a cough a few days before we went to Bridgewater, but were pretty much over it. I started with a sore throat, got a cold on top of it, the day before we left, and felt just wretched. I woke up the next day with chills so bad I was shaking, and my fingers were tingly and nails were half blue. I put on a sweater and my Mom made me some hot chocolate. I thawed out and then got a fever and body aches, while I still had a sore throat and sinus congestion. Thank goodness for my neti pot! And Tylenol. (Iwould have much rather have taken some good cold drugs, but being pregnant and all, Tylenol was the only thing I could take) I felt a fair bit better the next day, and even better the next. And then I woke up with an earache. It was just one thing after another, and I was sick pretty much 80% of the time I was there. I had so many plans, but most of them fell by the wayside. I barely got to see my twin nieces, but toward the end of my stay, I was able to go and visit them. I made one trip to Frenchy's and scored big time! I got Avery a brand new "Columbia" winter coat. I was pretty excited. I also went to dinner with two high school friends and we had a great time catching up!
The kids got to finally meet Finley and Emmy in person. Izzy held Emmy for a few seconds. She started to squirm a bit, and I think that scared Izzy, so she kind of threw up her arms and didn't want any more of that. I don't think she has ever held a baby before. She was so young when Logan was born, and just wasn't all that interested in him. Logan didn't hold them, but he was always right there, observing. He said a couple of times, "I wuv dat baby" and would blow kisses to them. It was pretty cute. Ave and Jake held them. Jacob couldn't get enough. He thought their tiny little hands and feet were amazing and was very inquisitive as to why things were the way they are. Avery was paranoid that Finley would spit up on him. It was kind of funny.

We celebrated Logan's 3rd birthday on Aug 18th. I'll do a separate post on that later. I also did up some Italian stewed tomatoes. I was pretty proud of myself. Most of them came from my mom's and grandparent's garden. Aren't they pretty! I also made some rosehip syrup from rosehips I picked from our front yard, but I didn't take a pic of that.

We headed back up to Bridgewater on Sep 5th for Finley and Emmy's blessing in church. It was a big family event, with some good food afterward. Mike gave them both wonderful blessings, and a ton of pictures were taken to mark the event. The girls behaved exceptionally well.

That's Emmy on the left and Finley sleeping on the right.

Seymour family.

Moses Family
One big happy family

Then school started on the 7th!! Jacob had a rough morning. He had gotten his hair cut before they went to Florida. If you know Jacob, you know that he has always been sensitive around the head area, and therefore haircutting is nearly unbearable for him. He has gotten a lot better the older he's gotten, but he still does not like it. Anyway, at the time, he felt that it was too short, and wore a hat constantly for the next week or so. It didn't help that Avery made a comment about him being bald either. He got over it, until the morning school starts. He gets on this thing about him being bald again and doesn't want to go to school. He says he's sick so he can't go, he's says he's going to barf, and makes theses gross gagging noises. Wouldn't get his shoes on, so I left him in his room, and I walked out to the bus, because Izzy was starting school for the first time, so I wanted to be there for her. She did great. I meant to take a picture, but discovered my batteries in the camera were dead when I tried, so I took one on the second day, instead. She turned and waved like three or four times as she was climbing up the steps to the bus. Avery was fine. He couldn't wait to get back to school because he was so bored at home. So I went back inside, and Jake was in the hallway. I told him he missed the bus, so I was going to drive him in. It took awhile, (had to get Logan dressed, had to forego my shower, as I was going grocery shopping and the school is 3 minutes away from Superstore, so I wasn't about to make two trips, and I wanted to get him there before school actually started) but we got in the car (Jacob sans shoes) and drove. I called Brian on the way there, and explained what had happened and got him to talk to Jake on the phone. He told Jake that we'd cut Avery's hair that night, so he's have short hair too. (He was due for a haircut anyway) That seemed to make him feel a bit better. I was able to get his shoes on when were stopped in road construction, but he still was making up these excuses as to why he couldn't go to school. It had started raining, so he couldn't go to school. Maybe an elephant would step on the school and crush it, so he couldn't go to school. Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?! We got to school, and he didn't put up a fight at all. We walked in and met his Star Program teacher in the hallway so that helped. Got his shoes changed, hat off (thank goodness) etc., and he was taken into his classroom, just as "Oh Canada" ended. Once he got there, he was fine. And Izzy's classroom is right next door to his, so that was a bit comforting, as they can walk to their classrooms together. They play together at recess all the time. Haven't had any "not going to school" issues since, thank goodness.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a ........!!

It's a GIRL!!!!!

Here's a look at her. It looks like she's rubbing her eye. Pretty cute, huh? The ultrasound tech said she was 500% sure it's a girl. Seems like a pretty safe bet. Bring on the pink again!! Isabella is thrilled, as am I, but the boys didn't really have much of a reaction. I'm sure they will in time.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello Baby

Here's a sneak peek at the newest "Baby Moses" (that sounds so funny) in profile.

Well, I'm 21 weeks now. Went for my ultrasound last week, with high hopes of getting to know the gender, but the little bugger did not cooperate. Legs and knees were practically fused together, and the cord was dangling down between the legs. I really wanted to know, so that I could start making more decisions, know which gender clothes to get rid of, etc. They may reschedule me for another scan in a few weeks, (the tech had a hard time getting some of the pics she needed) so hopefully we'll have another chance. If not, Jacob has an appointment at the IWK in mid to late August, so I'll book myself in at UC Baby or whatever it's called now. I will know the sex of this baby. Brian and his mom think it looks like a boy. Personally, I can't see it. In any case though, it looks like a good healthy baby, so that's all we can really ask for.

Poor Izzy was really looking forward to knowing if it was a "girl baby". When I told her that we weren't able to tell, she said, "When you push it out, will you know what it is?" Yes, Izzy we will know. Kids are funny sometimes. The other day Izzy was asking me why I pushed Avery out first, and not her. I think she thinks everyone was in there at the same time.

In other news, Izzy spent the first full week in July, Mon-Fri 8:30am-2:30pm at "School". They have this program called "Ready, Set, Go" for kids starting school in September, to give them an idea of what to expect in the fall. She loved it! I loved it too. It was so much quieter with her gone, and a fair bit less fighting too. Am I a bad mother for saying that?

Avery and Jacob were gone to camp this past week. They went to Camp Peniel, which is a Christian camp. We dropped them off on a Sunday night, and picked them up on Friday night. They had fun. Avery was a littlee homesick toward the middle of the week, so we paid him a little visit. He got over it. Jake hardly gave us a second glance. It kind of breaks up the summer for me, and them. In mid August, Brian is taking Avery and Jacob to Orlando for "Star Wars Celebration V", and I'll take the other two to Bridgewater to visit with my family. My little twin nieces finally came home last Saturday!! Can't wait to see them again.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

16 Weeks and other stuff

I know I'm nearly a week late on this, as I 'll be 17 weeks tomorrow, but better late than never, right?
So here's the little paunch at 16 weeks. I heard the heartbeat at my last appointment, so that was exciting. Izzy and Logan were with me, and when Izzy heard it, she asked "Do you know what it is now Mom?" Nope, sorry kiddo. The heartrate was 160 bpm. I can't remember. Does a fast heartbeat means a girl? I don't hold much stock in that stuff though. Time will tell.

In other news, Isabella got to go to her Grade Primary orientation on June 3rd. She's so tiny. Hard to believe she'll be starting school in September. She also had her preschool graduation. She's pretty shy up in front of people. Here are a few pics of her special days.

Hard at work!

Nice sock Izzy!
Izzy on the far left, not singing with the rest.

Jacob celebrated his 7th birthday on June 7th. No party again this year, but he did contemplate it. Maybe next year.

This was the best shot, out of the eight that I took. That's cousin Nathan, and AVery's arm in the background.

We also spent a night out at our cabin two weekends ago. The weather was beautiful!! Brian and the kids actually went swimming!! Logan and I stayed dry though.

Izzy frolicking in the water, and Logan digging in the sand.

The boys in the lake.

Look out!!

Oh, it's only Avery.

Brian has been away in Norway for a conference, the last five days. He gets back late tonight. Thank goodness. My Mom was so gracious as to come down from Thursday til Sunday to keep me company. We got a lot of stuff accomplished too. I finally got my clothesline up (Yay!), shampooed the carpet in the family room, went through the playroom and got rid of two grocery bags worth of stuff, hung up a couple of clocks, mowed the lawn, planted a couple of plants, tidied up the bookcases in the computer room, got my whirlpool tub fixed, attended Avery's piano recital, prepared a talk for church, and hosted an Enrichment Spa night. (I mean a Relief Society Activity.) It was a pretty full weekend. I am still tired and my poor mother probably is too.

I was supposed to go up to Halifax today, as Jacob had a dental appointment, but it got rescheduled. Boo! I was really looking forward to visiting my twin nieces, and my sis too, of course. They are doing really well now. They're breathing on their own. They just need to get the eating thing down pat, then they should be home in no time!! Yay!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#5. . . . .

#5 . . . . . will arrive on Dec 1, 2010!!! Yep, I am twelve weeks pregnant, today. Yes, it was planned. Very carefully in fact. Izzy starts school in September (yay!!) and Logan will be starting pre-school then too (yay!!) and I didn't want to miss the school year, and wanted some space between the barage of late September/October birthdays in our family and extended family (six of them, to be exact), and I 've always wanted a winter baby to bundle right up, so December 1st it is. Just in time to ruin Christmas instead. (just kidding) I think I am feeling better now. I've been the sickest with this one. Hard to remember though, but I threw up for the first time in my pregnancy "career" this time around, and I felt nauseous a lot, and all the time. Whereas in my past pregnancies, I was nauseous starting late afternoon and all evening. Glad that's pretty well over now.
I am fully counting on Dec. 1st. I have this weird pattern in my pregnancy "career." I have always been due on Wednesdays. Avery was born right on his due date, Jacob was 3 days late, (Saturday) Izzy was right on her due date (and the only sensible one to be born at a half decent hour) and Logan was 3 days late,(Saturday) so this one should be right on it's due date, right?
The kids are pretty excited. Izzy is rooting for a girl. I don't care either way. I've got at least one of each, so whatever. I just need to know in advance, so UC Baby, here I come.

This will be the fifth and final, in case anyone's wondering. I feel satisfied, even though my original intention was to have six, that's not the case anymore. Five is good.
And just in case you think I haven't totally lost my mind, (which is debatable) I want to use cloth diapers. (If there was any doubt, it's gone now, right?) So I am asking if anyone out there has used them, knows anyone who has used them, and what their experience has been. I've been researching some, and am thinking about a couple of different brands, including "Apple Cheeks", "Fuzzibunz", "Bummis". So, if anyone has any info, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I will take belly shots and make a conscious effort to keep this thing updated more regularly. Comments really keep me going, hint, hint.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Updates & re-caps

If anyone out there still reads this blog, sorry for being a slacker the last few months. No that I haven't had anything blogworthy to say, but I was waiting for myself to put pics on the computer, waiting for a few spare minutes without kids to bug me, or just plain forgetting. No excuse, really. I have loads to blog about. Part II of our Mediterranean cruise we took last June, Christmas, Mexican cruise, Disneyworld trip, etc., so it;ll take a few posts to get me caught up. First though, I start with general updates and the baby shower I threw last week, for my sister, Keah.
Christmas was good.We didn't have any power outages like last year, so Christmas dinner went better. Santa Clause surprised me with a"Magic Bullet Express" I saw it on an informercial and fell in love with it. So did the younger kids who were watching it with me. We sat mesmerized by it's effortless slicing and dicing and the promise of a meal, ready for the oven in 8 minutes or less. What housewife wouldn't love that? Here's a visual for you. Anyway, it saved me Christmas morning when I made scalloped sweet potatoes. Took me 30 secondss to sclice those bad boys up, instead of almost an hour by hand. I'm a sucker for those "As seen on TV" products. But this one actually works! Anyway, the kids enjoyed themselves, as usual.

Below are some pics of our tree, Logan with his stocking, Izzy on her trunki,and Logan on his trunki. trunkis are are carry on sized, luggage for kids. They can ride on it, or there's a strap, and you can pull them, through the airport. One of the best inventions ever!! I bought them from, and had them shipped(free shipping!!) to Brian's hotel, when he was at a conference in San Diego, last October. He brought them home in the large suitcase I insisted he take. I had our upcoming Disneytrip in mind when I bought them.

Brian's whole family came to our house for Christmas dinner, and then my parents, Keah and Mike came to visit on December 28th for a few days. It was fun, and I got to go through my itty bitty baby clothes to give some to Keah for the twins she was expecting. So fun!
So I'll skip ahead to Keah's baby shower, and fill in the blanks later. So Keah found out she was having two girls, and the colors would be pink and brown. Well, I'm sure that those of you who know Keah, know she's already had them. Finley Anne, and Emmy Jacqueline arrived on March 12, 2010, at only 24 week gestation. Finley weighed 1 lb 5.5 oz. and Emmy weighed in at 1 lb 4 oz. Things are going as well as can be expected, they are gaining weight now and taking milk. As I am writing this post, they are four weeks old today. I've been to see them in person once, and they are just precious. Absolutely perfect, just in miniature. I had started plannig Keah's baby shower even before she got pregnant. I was just too excited. We had planned to have it at our Mom's home in Bridgewater on April 2. Sent out the invites, and went to work. Fortunately, Keah was still willing to hold the shower on the original date, even though the girls had already been born. It was a huge success. We had about 40 people show up, and let me tell you, it got hot and it got hot fast in that livingroom! Keah got some great stuff, and everyone was excited to see her and pics of the girls. Here are a few highlight pictures.

A random shot of the livingroom, jam packed. Izzy was helping auntie Kiki open her presents.

A shot of the food table.

And the piece de resistance, my diaper cake. I'm a little proud of it. I think it came out great.

Here's another view, just so you can take a better look. These are before I decided to add the pillars.

We played three games, which I did up on the computer and printed off on cardstock. Name the baby animals. There were 16 names of grown up animals, and the guests had to write down the what the animals are called when they are babies. The second game was a Baby Food Tasting game. I had six different baby food jars labeled #1 through #6 and the guests had to dip a popsicle stick in, take a taste and try to guess what it is. In retrospect, I think I made it a bit too hard, as I bought all combinations, not just single foods. And the third game was Baby Bingo. Pretty self explanatory. It was a good time, and Keah got a good haul.