Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm glad the kids are back in school, however, I hate having to pack lunches, every blessed day. And not only that, I just hate making lunch in general. I often just skip it, or snack it. Anyone else feel this way? Anybody have any cool tricks or great ideas for school lunches. I once got an idea from the blog of a woman with seven children (5 of them are quintuplets) and she makes sandwiches for her two school aged kid's lunches in bulk.(Like 2 weeks worth at a time) She does PB & J or PB & Nutella, wraps them up and puts them in the freezer, and when she needs one, she just pops it in a lunchbox, and it acts as an ice pack as well. Pretty neat idea. I should try it. One problem though, my kids aren't allowed to bring PB to school because of nut allergies. Has anyone ever tried freezing a ham & cheese sandwich? A jam sandwich? Did it taste okay when it thawed? HELP. It's only September.
You may be thinking, why not get them to buy their lunch at school? Well, I usually send money for them on pizza days, but honestly, they wouldn't eat half the stuff on the menu, so that's not really an option. They're kind of picky. Occasionally I will, but not on most days.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catch up

It's been awhile. A lot has happened in August. Guess that's why I've been a little slack lately. Keah and Mike and Kiel and Derick came for a visit, the first of the month. Good times were had by all. We made the six hour plus, round trip on the 7th to see Sid the Kid and the Stanley Cup. Long drive for a two minute parade, but it was pretty neat. I'm glad we went. We all had dentist appointments, (our first since we moveddown here), we went to Annapolis Royal and visited Port Royal and Fort Anne, Logan turned 2! Avery started piano lessons the branch corn boil, and I made a diaper cake.
Here are a lot pics of the aforementioned events.

Brainchild that I am, somehow had set the camera to B&W. Oops.
This is Maxime Talbot, one of Sid's teamates.

Sidney Crosby with the cup.

Front and back.

At Fort Anne. Jacob and cousin Ellie on the cannon.

Port Royal. I don't know what this is called, but the kids really liked
pretending to shoot people.

Jacob, playing dead in a wooden coffin. Freaky.

Logan's birthday cake. He loves trucks of any kind. I wanted to make a schoolbus cake, but i couldn't find
a cakepan, so the fire truck was the next best thing.

Not too sure what to make of the candles, so Brian had to
blow them out.


Presents! Logan is a boy's boy if ever there was one. He loves to get into Brian's tools, so we thought we get him his own. He was pretty
pumped! Yes, I realize he is in his jammies. Halloween jammies
at that. He loves to wear pajamas, and I just don't fight with him anymore. Could be worse.

Here's Jacob getting in on the action. Isn't that hilarious?
Oh, he looks so funny.

Here's the fun diaper cake I made for a baby shower.
I think it's my new favorite baby gift.