Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby stuff!

I have been busy getting ready for baby. I found a crib that I LOVE, on kijiji for $40. Yep, $40. I was so excited!! I had my heart set on a mini crib, that converts into a twin bed, but we'd have to order it from the states, and the shipping was a little ridiculous, so Brian put the kybosh to that one. It's okay though. I'm very pleased with my super deal. I love the turned spindles.

I am in the middle of redecorating the nursery with these fabrics. Can't wait to take the after pics!

I discovered "Sleepy Wrap". My sister, Keah purchased one, and I really liked it, so I made my own. Mine is beige. Didn't want to go too crazy with the color. Beige will match everything.

Also made myself a new portable changing pad. I copied the "Patemm" pad. I think they're pretty cool. You can check these out at &

I've gone through all my girl clothes, and have washed and put them all away. Now I just need the baby!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Update

Last week at my 38 week appointment, baby was in a breech position. Booooooo! She was bum down, so I was referred to an OB-GYN. I really, really, really, didn't want to have a c-section and was willing to try a breech delivery if the doctor agreed to, so I was booked for an ultrasound and assessment that took place today. I am thrilled to say that the little bugger decided to turn around the right way, so she is head down, for now, and doc says there's an 80% chance she'll stay that way. The head isn't fully engaged, but it's down pretty far. I have been booked for another assessment next Tuesday November 30th at 9am, to see if she's still head down. If she is, they will induce me then, (if I don't go into labour before then). Only one day shy of my due date. I'm measuring a bit small, which is unusual for me. I've been measuring 1cm smaller for weeks, then I caught up, and now I'm back to 1cm smaller. The ultrasound today estimated baby's weight at 6lbs 4oz. I don't believe it though. My smallest baby was 8lbs 4 oz, and I feel I'm about that big this time around too. Time will tell though. Still have a week to grow, and still have so much to do. The nursery is pretty much done. Just one more quick project, and then I'll post pics. I just decided to make a rag quilt. I've never made one for myself before. I always give them away.
On another totally unrelated note, we're planning a trip to Utah at the end of February. Brian has a medical conference in Park City, so we're making a family vacation out of it. I am looking for suggestions of things to do while there, and the names and locations of some awesomne fabric/crafty stores and just general good shopping. I know there's a great outlet centre in Park City I've been to once before. I want to stock up while I'm there. We'll be in Park City from the Feb 27-Mar 4, and in and around Salt Lake from Feb 23-27 and Mar 4-7. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Keep in mind I'll have 5 kids aged 0-10 years. Oh, and in case you think I'm entirely crazy, we are bringing our mothers along to help out. Not doing that alone! We'd love to meet up with friends while we're there too, so we'll have to plan a get together of some sort!!