Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting out

I don't really have anything to say yet, but I am just getting this set up so felt like I had to type something. Life is really busy right now, and so I don't know when we will have time for this, but we'll give it a shot.

In brief, here is a summary of what the Moses family has been up to lately:

Logan is about to reach his 18 month-aversary. He is doing great, although he has had a viral illness recently and it has totally disrupted his (and his parents') sleep routine. He is full of fun and laughter, though, but has a propensity for falling on his head.

Isabella is "Jeckyll and Hyde" according to her grandmother, and it's not far off. She can be as sweet as can be, and when she is, she can get whatever she wants. But she has quite a temper at times, and sometimes poor Logan gets the brunt of it, as he is the only other child at home for much of the day. She loves the movie sleeping beauty, and has taken to calling nanny "Wild thing". She refers to herself as marshmallow puff...

Jacob started school this year, and is doing great. As most of you kow, he has autism, but he is very loving and quite sociable, and he has quite good reading and writing skills. He stil occasionally has melt downs, but much less often than before. He is a great big brother to his younger siblings, and looks up to his older brother as well.

Avery is now in grade 3 in French immersion, and is doing well. His organizational skills are lacking, but he makes up for it in sheer brilliance. He sometimes gets carried away with his DS (when he is not banned from it), and enjoys playing sports, especially soccer.

Tamara is busy looking after the house and the children. She is excited to have two in school, and one in preschool two mornings a week. Life is hectic, but she is enjoying the new house and life in general in a small town compared to the big city.

Brian is getting settled in with his new practise. Work is going well, but he mostly enjoys the time at home in the new house and with the family, including the extended family (we live next door to his younger sister, Liz, with her husband and two children. The next house is where his parents live, and the next one is his sister Coralee, her husband, and two children. His brother, Jamie, his wife, and the quadruplets live about a mile up the road. Only Sarah is not nearby, who is currently in Saint John, NB but is moving to Halifax this year).

That's all for now. Hopefuly I'll have something better next time!


  1. So glad that you guys have joined the blogging world!!! It was great to see you last week!!! Hope we can visit again sooner then later....

  2. Welcome to the world of is a great way to have a journal and keep your friends and family up to date with your life. Send me your email address on facebook and I will add you to my blog.