Thursday, July 30, 2009

My "Polished" young children

This is what happens when it's too quiet in the house. Kids get into stuff they
shouldn't, and make a mess.

I was getting supper ready today when Brian came home. He asked where the kids were, and I told him they were upstairs. Two seconds after he got upstairs, I heard "Tamara, could you come up here please?" All I could think was "uh-oh. What have they done now?" Jake and Izzy had been in Ave and Jake's room coloring, the last I knew. Avery was at his cousin's house and Logan was attached to my leg. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, I said "Do I smell nail polish?" Sure enough, that's what it was. A bit of back story: I painted Izzy's toes the other day. After I was done, she informed me that she wanted red. I didn't have any, so when I went grocery shopping this week, I picked up a bottle of red and a bottle of pink nail polish.
Izzy admitted to climbing up on the counter and getting the bag which it was in. She had wanted to "paint". As you can see, they "painted" their legs and arms.

They even painted their Webkinz!!!

And Jake's bed sheets, which, I might add, where just changed, TODAY!

We stuck them in the bath and scrubbed with my loofah and facecloths and hand sanitizer, (Brian, Hon BSc in chemistry) said the alcohol in it would help get the polish off. It did come off. Thank goodness.
The moral of this story is: HIDE anything and everything you don't want your kids to touch, even if you think they won't get it, you'd be surprised.


  1. Oh Vey Sis, that sucks real bad! Hopefully they'll be on their best behaviour when we come to visit!

  2. Too funny! I had an incident with Patrick around age 2 1/2 that involved lipstick on him, the wall and his grandmother's quilt. Glad you got pics. It's really the only thing you can do at the time and it puts it all in perspective.

  3. ohhh they are too funny, I'm not sure if I would find it funny to find them in that way.... but funny!! Glad the clean-up went okay!!!