Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm glad the kids are back in school, however, I hate having to pack lunches, every blessed day. And not only that, I just hate making lunch in general. I often just skip it, or snack it. Anyone else feel this way? Anybody have any cool tricks or great ideas for school lunches. I once got an idea from the blog of a woman with seven children (5 of them are quintuplets) and she makes sandwiches for her two school aged kid's lunches in bulk.(Like 2 weeks worth at a time) She does PB & J or PB & Nutella, wraps them up and puts them in the freezer, and when she needs one, she just pops it in a lunchbox, and it acts as an ice pack as well. Pretty neat idea. I should try it. One problem though, my kids aren't allowed to bring PB to school because of nut allergies. Has anyone ever tried freezing a ham & cheese sandwich? A jam sandwich? Did it taste okay when it thawed? HELP. It's only September.
You may be thinking, why not get them to buy their lunch at school? Well, I usually send money for them on pizza days, but honestly, they wouldn't eat half the stuff on the menu, so that's not really an option. They're kind of picky. Occasionally I will, but not on most days.


  1. Just want you to know that I'm feeling your lunch pain....get the kiddies to help make the could be fun!!!

  2. I like Jackies idea! And why sandwiches??? I think that Cheese and crackers are good. You should sit down with the kiddies and see if they will provide any good ideas of what they would eat that may fill them up. A big bag of veggies and dip. You could pack two days of lunch at a time which makes lunches every other day.

  3. Tamara, I just came across your blog! I had to leave a comment because I struggle with this too with my girls. I HATE making lunches, it's like you have to make another meal as if we don't cook enough! :) One thing that I have done the last couple of years is made their lunches the night before right before I go to bed. I have it all in one section of the fridge ready to go and it seems to make my morning go so much smoother!!! I throw it in their lunch bags while they eat breakfast.

    They too can't bring peanut butter but I've tried a couple of things to try to mix it up for them. I sometimes send a bagel with strawberry cream cheese, ham and cheese, tuna with a pickle (they love that!) Once in a while I send cold cereal and they like that. I send it dry in a container with a separate container of milk. They love that and their friends have started bringing cereal too.

    I did try those containers that are like thermoses and made mac & cheese one was a pain to make it in the morning but they liked the variety. I dont' think it stayed really hot though.

    If you come up with anything else send it my way too, I'm always looking for something different for them! Hope all is well with you guys!

  4. Hey Tamara,
    I just happened across your blog and thought I would send a quick note about the whole peanut thing. Alex has a peanut allergy so we have found substitutes that have the same consistency and some have a similar taste that are allowable at the school which might help. Peabutter is available at most grovery stores and they also have sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds, and soy butter. Might help you out.

  5. Food is a nuisance in general- unless you're eating it or someone you're making it for actually appreciates it