Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Landscaping: Before, During and After

**Beware: This post contains numerous pictures**

Our landscaping is done now, well, for this year anyway. The difference is huge!! We are very happy with the final results. We did A LOT of work. Well, not us personally, but a lot of work was involved. The results are astounding, to us anyway. First of all, we had nothing but rocks and dirt all around the house. A lot of dirt. We moved our trampoline to the septic bed or septic field, whatever you call it. Then, we set up the playground we had purchased last year, also on the septic bed. Don't worry, we asked the septic guys before we set anything up there, to make sure it wouldn't wreck anything there. We enlisted the help of local company R&D Harris to do the rest. They leveled and graded all the land, hydroseeded it, put in a stamped concrete patio and front walkway, built a rock retaining wall, cut down two trees, planted two apple trees, four high bush blueberry bushes, put in the front gardens and mulched them, and because we weren't completely satisfied with the rock wall, they offered to level, grade and grass the sides of our driveway, on the house! Here are a few before, during and after pics.

This is the front "yard"

This is the out building. We kept it, but the foundation in front of it is gone.

This is a view of the old driveway, lawn, and how many trees there were. Wow, I thought I had a lot more "before" pictures. Guess not so many of the outside.


Finally, nice flat land that the kids fall and trip over anymore.

More flat land, and a bit of a view of the playground. Trampoline is on the right, behind trees.

Rock retaining wall. We were expecting round rocks.

Side yard and top of rock wall, or as Jacob likes to call it, "the cliff"

Outlining the front walkway and gardens.


A view of the patio.

Another view of the patio.

The side yard.

The play area. Yeah, I know it needs to be mowed. This was before we got a lawnmower.

The driveway and newly grassed on either side, done for free! If you look closely, on the right of the driveway, you can see Brian on the John Deere.

A view from one side. The little tree planted, (left) will eventually hide the post.

A view from the other side. The front gardens are all perennials, so they'll only get bigger and better every year. I'll plant colorful annuals to fill it in til then.


  1. wow wow wow it looks amazing! The patio is amazing you could have some fancy parties out there!! The kids play area is super awesome too, what kid would want to come inside with a play area like that!! Love the new family picture, it's super cute and funny!!! Some day I want to come visit with keah and see your beautiful house and all your fun container organization!!!

  2. It looks awesome! I can't imagine what you have left to do.

  3. So so nice! I bet you guys just love it and the kids are going to have a ball with all that grass to play on! fun fun fun!

  4. Holy cow! I know pictures don't do justice, but that looks amazing! What a great place! Those are some huge improvements! It will be so nice next year when it warms up and you can just send your kids out to enjoy it! They did a remarkable job. Your place looks awesome! I would love to come and see it in person!! :) I wish! What a great place for your kids to grow up. They will have so many great memories!

  5. I wish I could come and see it in person! Someday!!! Can't wait for your PEEK tomorrow!!!

  6. It's looks fabulous. I'm in the same muddy mess we'll see what we get done next year.