Friday, April 9, 2010

Updates & re-caps

If anyone out there still reads this blog, sorry for being a slacker the last few months. No that I haven't had anything blogworthy to say, but I was waiting for myself to put pics on the computer, waiting for a few spare minutes without kids to bug me, or just plain forgetting. No excuse, really. I have loads to blog about. Part II of our Mediterranean cruise we took last June, Christmas, Mexican cruise, Disneyworld trip, etc., so it;ll take a few posts to get me caught up. First though, I start with general updates and the baby shower I threw last week, for my sister, Keah.
Christmas was good.We didn't have any power outages like last year, so Christmas dinner went better. Santa Clause surprised me with a"Magic Bullet Express" I saw it on an informercial and fell in love with it. So did the younger kids who were watching it with me. We sat mesmerized by it's effortless slicing and dicing and the promise of a meal, ready for the oven in 8 minutes or less. What housewife wouldn't love that? Here's a visual for you. Anyway, it saved me Christmas morning when I made scalloped sweet potatoes. Took me 30 secondss to sclice those bad boys up, instead of almost an hour by hand. I'm a sucker for those "As seen on TV" products. But this one actually works! Anyway, the kids enjoyed themselves, as usual.

Below are some pics of our tree, Logan with his stocking, Izzy on her trunki,and Logan on his trunki. trunkis are are carry on sized, luggage for kids. They can ride on it, or there's a strap, and you can pull them, through the airport. One of the best inventions ever!! I bought them from, and had them shipped(free shipping!!) to Brian's hotel, when he was at a conference in San Diego, last October. He brought them home in the large suitcase I insisted he take. I had our upcoming Disneytrip in mind when I bought them.

Brian's whole family came to our house for Christmas dinner, and then my parents, Keah and Mike came to visit on December 28th for a few days. It was fun, and I got to go through my itty bitty baby clothes to give some to Keah for the twins she was expecting. So fun!
So I'll skip ahead to Keah's baby shower, and fill in the blanks later. So Keah found out she was having two girls, and the colors would be pink and brown. Well, I'm sure that those of you who know Keah, know she's already had them. Finley Anne, and Emmy Jacqueline arrived on March 12, 2010, at only 24 week gestation. Finley weighed 1 lb 5.5 oz. and Emmy weighed in at 1 lb 4 oz. Things are going as well as can be expected, they are gaining weight now and taking milk. As I am writing this post, they are four weeks old today. I've been to see them in person once, and they are just precious. Absolutely perfect, just in miniature. I had started plannig Keah's baby shower even before she got pregnant. I was just too excited. We had planned to have it at our Mom's home in Bridgewater on April 2. Sent out the invites, and went to work. Fortunately, Keah was still willing to hold the shower on the original date, even though the girls had already been born. It was a huge success. We had about 40 people show up, and let me tell you, it got hot and it got hot fast in that livingroom! Keah got some great stuff, and everyone was excited to see her and pics of the girls. Here are a few highlight pictures.

A random shot of the livingroom, jam packed. Izzy was helping auntie Kiki open her presents.

A shot of the food table.

And the piece de resistance, my diaper cake. I'm a little proud of it. I think it came out great.

Here's another view, just so you can take a better look. These are before I decided to add the pillars.

We played three games, which I did up on the computer and printed off on cardstock. Name the baby animals. There were 16 names of grown up animals, and the guests had to write down the what the animals are called when they are babies. The second game was a Baby Food Tasting game. I had six different baby food jars labeled #1 through #6 and the guests had to dip a popsicle stick in, take a taste and try to guess what it is. In retrospect, I think I made it a bit too hard, as I bought all combinations, not just single foods. And the third game was Baby Bingo. Pretty self explanatory. It was a good time, and Keah got a good haul.


  1. Hey Tamara! We've been waiting for an update down here in Utah! It's good to hear that the babies and Keah are doing well! They sound so precious and Keah will be a great mom as I'm sure you are too!! Sounds like you've been crazy busy! You must be a mom!!

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