Tuesday, June 22, 2010

16 Weeks and other stuff

I know I'm nearly a week late on this, as I 'll be 17 weeks tomorrow, but better late than never, right?
So here's the little paunch at 16 weeks. I heard the heartbeat at my last appointment, so that was exciting. Izzy and Logan were with me, and when Izzy heard it, she asked "Do you know what it is now Mom?" Nope, sorry kiddo. The heartrate was 160 bpm. I can't remember. Does a fast heartbeat means a girl? I don't hold much stock in that stuff though. Time will tell.

In other news, Isabella got to go to her Grade Primary orientation on June 3rd. She's so tiny. Hard to believe she'll be starting school in September. She also had her preschool graduation. She's pretty shy up in front of people. Here are a few pics of her special days.

Hard at work!

Nice sock Izzy!
Izzy on the far left, not singing with the rest.

Jacob celebrated his 7th birthday on June 7th. No party again this year, but he did contemplate it. Maybe next year.

This was the best shot, out of the eight that I took. That's cousin Nathan, and AVery's arm in the background.

We also spent a night out at our cabin two weekends ago. The weather was beautiful!! Brian and the kids actually went swimming!! Logan and I stayed dry though.

Izzy frolicking in the water, and Logan digging in the sand.

The boys in the lake.

Look out!!

Oh, it's only Avery.

Brian has been away in Norway for a conference, the last five days. He gets back late tonight. Thank goodness. My Mom was so gracious as to come down from Thursday til Sunday to keep me company. We got a lot of stuff accomplished too. I finally got my clothesline up (Yay!), shampooed the carpet in the family room, went through the playroom and got rid of two grocery bags worth of stuff, hung up a couple of clocks, mowed the lawn, planted a couple of plants, tidied up the bookcases in the computer room, got my whirlpool tub fixed, attended Avery's piano recital, prepared a talk for church, and hosted an Enrichment Spa night. (I mean a Relief Society Activity.) It was a pretty full weekend. I am still tired and my poor mother probably is too.

I was supposed to go up to Halifax today, as Jacob had a dental appointment, but it got rescheduled. Boo! I was really looking forward to visiting my twin nieces, and my sis too, of course. They are doing really well now. They're breathing on their own. They just need to get the eating thing down pat, then they should be home in no time!! Yay!


  1. Izzy looks so cute in her pink graduation cap.

  2. cute little belly! Izzy does look very cute in her graduation cap. sounds like you're keeping busy busy busy!

  3. you are one busy lady! the little belly is looking so cute, and I hope that Izzy gets a sister! Her graduation was adorable, I love how she didn't want to sing, what a cute picture! Happy birthday to Jacob!

  4. Sounds like you are keeping busy!! Can't wait to hear what your baby is......hopefully you get the opposite of us.....so far we've been the opposite with all of our babies!! Hope you get to come see the girlies soon, they are getting so much bigger......

  5. Hi!

    I used to spend my summers in Digby, at my grandmother's. Haven't had time to read all your posts but will visit again!