Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby stuff!

I have been busy getting ready for baby. I found a crib that I LOVE, on kijiji for $40. Yep, $40. I was so excited!! I had my heart set on a mini crib, that converts into a twin bed, but we'd have to order it from the states, and the shipping was a little ridiculous, so Brian put the kybosh to that one. It's okay though. I'm very pleased with my super deal. I love the turned spindles.

I am in the middle of redecorating the nursery with these fabrics. Can't wait to take the after pics!

I discovered "Sleepy Wrap". My sister, Keah purchased one, and I really liked it, so I made my own. Mine is beige. Didn't want to go too crazy with the color. Beige will match everything.

Also made myself a new portable changing pad. I copied the "Patemm" pad. I think they're pretty cool. You can check these out at &

I've gone through all my girl clothes, and have washed and put them all away. Now I just need the baby!!

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