Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The House Chronicles

Since people have been asking to see new pics of our house, I decided I'd do a series of posts on the building of our dream house, from start to finish. So here goes. Brian and I have been planning on building this house since shortly after we got married. It has taken a couple of different forms through the years, but we couldn't be happier with the end result. It has been extremely challenging at times, especially with being three hours away from the construction site. Brian's dad lives a few doors down, so he was able to keep his eye on things for us. We met with an architect in the spring of 2007. Logan was born on August 18th, and ground broke in mid November, 2007. So I had a newborn to deal with as well as three other children while we were planning, shopping, overseeing, etc. So here are some pics of the groundbreaking.

We built the outer walls of our house out of Insulated Concrete Forms.(ICF) Nudura was the brand we chose. Anyway, it's these hollow styrofoam forms, and then they pour concrete down the middle. It's pretty fireproof, hurricane, proof and very energy efficient.

Here's a few of it going up. It's starting to look like a house now. Dec.2009

A view from the road.

Well, that's enough for one night. More to follow.

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  1. That is how they build the houses here in Mexico too.