Saturday, April 25, 2009

The House Chronicles Part 2

The next most exciting pictures come at the beginning of January, 2008. Two stories on their way up, and rooms are starting to materialize!! Over Christmas, we had gone down to Yarmouth, and I had contacted an interior designer down there to help me out a bit, but there was a snowstorm and she lives pretty out in the country, so she couldn't even get out of hew driveway to come and meet me. I was pretty disappointed. So we planned to get together in January when we came down. We usually made trips every month. It was fun to see the progress. The workers were getting tired of having to shovel off the roof everyday, just to get some work done. Note to self, never build a house in the winter. We didn't actually plan to build it that late in the year. We thought they would start in October, and have everything tight by the time the snow started to fly, but obviously, that didn't happen. Here's a few of the roof going on.
It really looks like it might be a house now. Although, I have to share a few humorous stories we heard through the grapevine. Brian's sister, Sarah, and her family came to visit from Saint John, NB around this time. They took the Digby ferry across, and my sister-in-law picked them up there. Before she drovthem home, she stopped at our house so they could see the progress. When they started to drive up the driveway, my seven year old nephew said, "Woah! Are we staying in a hotel?" We really laughed when we heard that. Someone at work asked my sister-in-law, Coralee, "What is that "facility" they're building near your house?" I heard this one third hand. My mother's friend's old neighbors from the valley,(did you catch that?) went to Yarmouth to visit the husband's mother, I believe, in a nursing home. While there, someone suggested to them that they should go and see this house that's being built. They gave them directions, and off they went. This is what they said to my mother's friend. "You should have seen this house! It's huge! A doctor and his wife and FOUR children are moving in." The funniest part is, that these neighbor's have no idea who we are, and my mother's friend just assumed that it must be us, and so she told my mother about it. Boy, there aren't many secrets in small towns. Too funny. This next pic is one of a truck that slipped off the driveway. Wooops. I thought it was kind of comical. The second is our infloor heat being laid down. Oh yeah. I love it. We have in-floor heat on both levels.

So by mid to late February, we have a floor poured, rooms are being framed up, we have windows and doors in, and things are looking good.


  1. HI Tamara! I am loving your blog! It's so fun to see the progress of your house. I wish that we had taken pictures of the entire process; perhaps next time. I sent my phone number to your facebook account. I have been wanting to talk to you about direct buys. Can't wait to chat.