Monday, June 22, 2009

Potty Training

I know, it's been awhile. Brian and I went on a Mediterranean Cruise earlier this month. We were gone from the 4th to the 15th of June. Brian downloaded our cruise pics as well as some from Jacob's birthday, onto his laptop the night before we left, and erased the memory stick. The next day, he left it on a train that was bound for Rome, so it's as good as gone. I took the erased memory stick in to someone who can hopefully recover the pics, so I'll post on the cruise later, hopefully with some visuals.
Anyway, the purpose of this post, is to find out if anyone out there has tried Lora Jenson's 3 Day Potty Training method. I just purchased a few minutes ago. I guess I should have asked before I bought it, but I am desperate!!! Avery took forever to train. I think he was 4 before he was really and truly "trained". Jacob has Autism, so it's been a real challenge with him, but during Christmas vacation, we just did it, and he's been doing pretty well, but lately, he's been having a lot of accidents. Isabella was nearly trained before we made the move to Yarmouth, but we were nomads for a couple of weeks, so it got abandoned. We trained again a couple of months ago, and she too was doing quite well, up until lately. You may think it's because we went away, but it was happening before that. Actually, they did quite well for my Mom, who was watching them while we were away. So that makes me think it's me. But anyway, this 3 day potty training is supposed to be amazing and guaranteed, so if anyone out there has tried it, or knows of anyone who has tried it, please, PLEEASE tell me how it worked out. Logan will be 2 in August, so I'll be trying to tran him soon. He has a real fascination with all things toilet, and even sits on the potty sometimes if Izzy is on the toilet, so hopefully he'll be no problem, right?
I am eagerly awaiting your replies.


  1. Well I haven't tried it...I am suffering trying to get Ethan trained and am giving him a break. BUT I know Brooke trained Ilie in three days and it worked really well. I think it's just three days of awfulness and then a potty trained child. Good luck, let me know if it works!

  2. I did it with Ryan. It took more like 6 days with him. But it worked! I didn't buy the book, so maybe that's why it was longer;) Allie is starting to get interested in the potty, but I am not pushing it yet as she is only going to be 2 next month. I just take her every time I go. I will end up doing it like that towards the end of the summer when the craziness stops. Good luck!