Monday, May 18, 2009

TupperWare Party!!

Wow, I'm on a roll. Two posts in one day. I just downloaded some pics off my camera, that's why. I figure I might as well. So on Friday May 8th, I hosted a TupperWare party. I LOVE TUPPERWARE!!!! I can't even tell tell you how much. I addicted to it! You should see my cupboards, in fact I'll take a pic right now and show you.

Here is the stuff that I got from my party, this includes stuff I ordered, stuff I got free and
severely discounted. (Note: the orange pitcher was a free replacement for one that had cracked. Love that lifetime warranty!)
The four green bowls with lids was the attendance special, I'd been wanting to get the small spice containers for ages, and the Super Oval 5 Modular Mate for some tall pasta.
Holy cow, I just realized I forgot to put something in the picture! I also got a set of five vent 'n serve containers, all different sizes. They're for storing leftovers in the fridge or freezer, you can take them to work/school to warm up for lunch, and you can even cook in them, in the microwave.

Here's the stuff I got for free. (I forgot to put the bag in the first pic) I love reusable shopping bags!! So I was super excited. I got it for agreeing to host a party. I got the big green bowl for actually having the party, the fridgesmart (on top of green bowl) and the season 'n server (under bag, it's for marinating meats. It has grids on bottom so liquid flows around, and then you flip it over to get the other side) with my hostess credit, and the two little green pieces and the blue topped piece, (aren't they so cute and little?) for having a conversation about TupperWare (which lead to hosting a party), having my party on the original scheduled date, and for having 10 or more adults in attendance. How fun is that? I meant to take pics of the party, but I forgot.

I met the consultant, Sheri, at the Home Show in Exhibition Park in the spring of 2005. (We go way back.) Anyway, I put my name in for a draw, I didn't win, but she contacted me about having a party, so I was all for it. Almost three years later, in January 2008, she contacted me again, about perhaps hosting another party. The clincher was that Modular Mates were on special, big time. (They're probably my favorite product, see cupboard pics below) so I was all for it. I mentioned that we'd be moving soon, and she said that she'd love to come to Yarmouth to do a party down there once we got all settled in, so I said, sure. Anyway, a few months ago, after I had attempted to reorganize my kitchen (still working on it) I began thinking about TupperWare. I even had a dream about Sheri having a TupperWare party in my house, (weird, I know) so I e-mailed her, and said that it was that time again and the rest is history. So about my cupboards, I have been collecting TupperWare for years now. I had attended and hosted parties with other people before I met Sheri, so I have quite a collection. This isn't even all of it. I even have TupperWare not in use yet, but don't worry, I'm still unpacking our house and I will find a use for all of it. So, here they are.

This is my "baking" cupboard. These are Modular Mates, for anyone not familiar. I love them because they keep everything where you can see it, and they fit together so perfectly. Brown sugar does not go hard in the babies. I even labeled them with the labelmaker I got for Christmas. (Thanks again Keah!)

Man, I still have trouble making pictures go where I want them to go. Sorry, this is all scattered about.

This is my "Pasta/Rice cupboard" It still needs work, and I don't have my new Super Oval 5 in there yet.

This is my "cereal/breakfast/whatever cupboard"

The cereal storers are way fun. They keep your cereal fresher, longer than if just stayed in th eopened box. And, on the right near the top, I have ice-cream cones stored. They won't go stale in there!

And this little jewel is my "TupperWare cupboard", even though there are a few Rubbermaids, no names and the stack and twirl thing at the top right of the cupboard, it's still called "TupperWare" cupboard. Oh, and in the middle left, you can see some of the vent 'n serve containers I left out of my picture above.

My name is Tamara and I'm a TupperWare-aholic.

At least I can admit it. And the crazy thing is, I still want more!!


  1. Love the Tupperware, and I'm so proud that you're usin the label maker, wanna come and do my house?

  2. I'd say you should get some free stuff for that post!! You're going to make everyone want to go get some! I love those pictures of the kids in the car. We got one for Tate for Christmas, but they are much more fun for more than one kid! He loves it though. I love that they just climb right up on top! I can't wait to see more of the house too! What a great idea to put all of the different phases on here. Especially if you ever make a book out of your blog you'll have it all there! I can't wait to see more of the inside! That stairway looks amazing! I am so excited for you guys!