Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breaking Dawn movie night

Saturday night, (Feb 18) I had my usual Twilight movie night, that I hold whenever a new Twilight movie is released on DVD. I tend to go a little crazy with food and decorations. I love themes.

Red Velvet cupcakes

"blood" pop

Team Edward table

Team Jacob table

"Werewolf" pop
 I found some printables via pinterest (love that site) to go around pop bottles and to frame.
I made the palm tree fruit tray in honor of Bella and Edward's Brazilian Island honeymoon. (Saw that on pinterest too) I got the plates at Target, the last time we were in the states, and put out black and red licorice, and  chocolate dipped strawberries. The movies still leave a lot to be desired, but it's a fun excuse to get together. I forgot to take pics of our little crowd but we had a blast watching it on the big screen (106") and relaxing in our theatre seating.

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  1. So fun! You have theatre seating? You did a fabulous job, Tamara! Wish I lived closer :-)