Saturday, March 24, 2012

Games Room Complete

I don't know what it is about anything a few inches off the ground,
 but boy, it's like a magnet for kids.
Brian's just completed a small project to finish off the Man Cave, um, I mean Games Room. Well, I guess we still need a few things on the wall, but that'll come. I was thinking movie posters maybe, but I'm open to suggestions. Okay, so last year we purchased four theatre seats, and a pool table.  This year, we decided we could fit four more seats in if we made a second row. Ideally they would be on a platform of some sort, to be able to maximize viewing pleasure, so a few Saturdays ago, he (I helped a little) did it up. I think it turned out pretty good.
Left side
Right side

I got a staple gun for Christmas, which came in quite handy when we attached the carpet. The platform is made from 2x8x12s and 2x8x8s (cut to 4' long) to support underneath. Then 3/4" plywood on top, covered in brown tip shear industrial carpet, just in case you were wondering. 
View from the front

View of the screen from the back row
If you're also wondering, the screen size is 104" if I'm not mistaken. 

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