Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lookee what I've been making!

I've been in a re purposing mood lately. I found this blog via pinterest the other week. She sews, among other things, and had a couple of tutorials that re purposed t-shirts. So I decided to try a few, and then things got out of hand, and I did a google search and got a few more tutorials to try out.

The first one, is pretty cute. I forgot to take before pics, but just imagine a plain white t-shirt, that you've had for a few years. Looking a bit dingy, and you don't wear it as much as you used to.

The Ruffled Tee
 For the ruffles. I cut up one of my "painting shirts" An old t-shirt, way too big for me, that had paint on the front, but the back was fine, so I cut it up in strips, sewed a basting stitch along the edge and ruffled it. Then you pin and sew, pin and sew, etc. For the tutorial, go here.
A little closer
 This next shirt used to have long sleeves. I cut them off, made a ruffle, and sewed it on around the neck. I found this one in a google search. It was pretty easy, so I decided to try this out two different ways. I used to absolutely LOVE this shirt. The sleeves were actually long enough for my monkey arms, and it is so comfortable. I used to love this shirt, that is, until I got paint on the sleeve. Sometimes I think "oh, I'm just painting a little bit. I won't get any on me." Famous last words. Anyway, I only wear it to bed, or around the house, but now it has new life.
The tutorial for this and the pink one can be found here.
Purple shirt
 The pink shirt was a long sleeved tee that I got at Frenchy's quite a while ago. It's originally from Mark's Work Wearhouse, and it's very comfy. I often wear it to bed, but no more. I did the same thing that I did with the purple shirt, except that I sewed the ruffle down the middle with the pink shirt instead of around the edge, with the purple shirt. You get a bit of a different look. I really like how this one turned out. It has relaxed a bit after it was washed. Not quite so clownlike.

Neck of pink shirt

This puple one, we'll call it purple #2, is probably my favorite thus far. I am wild about ruffles, if you haven't already gathered as much.
 This one used two shirts. I got them for $2.50 and $3, at different times, on clearance at Zellers. Luckily I was able to get two the same. The only problem is, they are a size too small, as evidenced by my protruding abdomen. Yeah, I'm working on that, so hopefully by summer, it'll fit a lot better. You can find the tutorial for this one, here.  I didn't love the bottom of the tutorial shirt, so I left that part out.
Purple shirt #2

I  have gone through all of my shirts, and have a lot more projects in mind. I'll probably go through my daughters shirts as well and dress up some plain tees for them too!

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  1. That's a great way to recycle! Looks great. I wish I could sew...