Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy kids

Isabella got one of those "Little Tikes" cars for Easter, and loves it, as I knew she would. We don't usually make a big deal, presentwise, for Easter, but this year I wanted to get them stuff to do outside, as we actually have a decent sized yard that they'll actually have room to play with toys in. (More on Landscaping in another post) We go to a play group in town sometimes, and she just mostly likes to drive around in the cars. She actually hoards them. When it's snack time, she tries to bring the car over to the table with her, and just doesn't want to let it go. It's kind of funny. She's so afraid someone else will take, which they usually do, but that's where sharing comes in. Anyway, I caught my crazy kids pulling this stunt the other day (well, actually the other week, I'm a bit behind).

Yes, Logan can actually move the car with her on top. He really does have fun, even though it doesn't look like it.

And yes, Izzy can move the car with Jacob on top of it.

Some of you may think I'm a terrible parent for allowing such dangerous behavior. In my defense, I say this: they are having fun, they are not fighting, and we've only had one fall. Izzy fell on her butt, but didn't hurt herself, so I don't think it counts. She only laughed harder. Just thought you'd enjoy a glimpse into daily life.

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  1. OOHHHH, my little stinkers, I miss them so much, and it looks likes they are having so much fun!