Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 1

  Our Garage door opener broke. Again. While waiting around all morning for the guy who built our house to show up to take a look at it, (said he'd be by about 9:30am) I decided I had better get started on this challenge. Since it's getting pretty chilly, thought I clean out the back entry closet and bring down all the hats and mitts and boots, coats, etc. I found a couple of interesing things, marble, paperclip, dust, mashed Baby MumMums, etc. I Put a couple of things in my "Donate" bag, recycled a bunch of papers, went through the diaper/church bags and condensed them, washed spring and summer coats, changed some light bulbs, and went through the cubbies in the garage. He never did show up, but at least I feel that I made the best of the situation. Sorry for the poor quality pics, and I forgot to take a "before" pic.
Fabric baskets hold hats in one, mitts in the other
All tucked away.
The central vac on the bottom left, Mine and Brian's longish, dressy coats above. The smaller kids fall/spring/rain coats on the bottom pole, while the bigger kids and adults coats up above. Mine and Brian's gloves, scarves and hats are in the seagrass basket above the blue one, the diaper bag and my bag above that, and our emergency radio and shoe polishing stuff on the top shelf.

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  1. Good job for day 1! I have a list of stuff that I've been meaning to do for a couple of years now. You've inspired me...I'll start trying again, but I doubt it'll all get done.