Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 15

Totally cleaned up the garage. Well, mostly anyway. I went through all the shoes, boats, flip flops and crocs. I sent two bags upstairs to the attic for storage, that included summer footwear, and shoes to store in my closet.I threw out a pair or two, like Jacob's rain boots. Now I know why he won't wear them. They are totally cracked all up the back. His feet get wet. Just wish he would have told me. I could have thrown them out weeks ago. I also put a few pairs of old sneakers in my donate bag. It looks a ton better. Again, I am so bad at taking before pics, but here are some afters.

You couldn't even walk up these steps before.

All neat and tidy

Everything in it's place

I swept out the garage too. We have a lot of trees that shed a lot of needles. So annoying. So everytime we drive in and out we track needles in. I also cleaned off the staircase. That was seriously a hazard. There was something on almost every step. From life jackets, to coloring books, papers, a mini cooler, shoes, old skate and helmet boxes, you name it, it was there and now it's gone! It just looks so different. I'm hoping we can keep it clear. Brian will be thrilled. Hopefully it will soften the blow when he sees the wainscoting and hooks.

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