Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 2

Before, the front door is white.

Today it was a beautiful day. So I decided I'd better do some outdoor painting, since it's not getting any warmer. I put Meghan down for a nap mid morning, and got out the black glossy paint I bought last spring to paint the exterior doors. The outside of the front door and the garage door had been painted black once before, but I needed to spruce them up a bit. I put one coat on the outside of the front door, and then had to do 2 + coats on the interior side. Looks pretty dramataic, if I do say so myself. Then I headed to the back entry and painted the exterior of that door black. Had to tape off the window  first. (I forgot how much I hate taping) Then I moved onto the diningroom garden doors and sidelites. Lots of taping there. I got most of one coat on and then I had to go and get Meghan. I had let her cry long enough. It's a good start. I am very pleased.
Inside the front door.

After, the front door is black.
Before: Diningroom garden doors.

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  1. Perhaps a visual of these goals would be a must...just sayin'.