Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 16

Messy buffet.
Today I decluttered the fornal diningroom and livingroom. They weren't too bad, but there was a lot of stuff from Izzy's birthday party that never got put away.

Presents still not put away

Piano books aplenty

Naughty napkin drawer

I feel as though I am kind of procrastinating. I seem to tackle rooms and places that make the least amount of impact. For example, I've cleaned out closets, the garage, but have yet to tackle the kitchen full on, or the familyroom. I guess I don't want to start something, and then end up having to pause because something comes up, or I have to leave to go somewhere, which seems to happen frequently when you have 5 children. Somebody always seems to need something, or to go somewhere, or is fighting, or you name it, when I least need it, it happens. sigh.

The pile of papers that went to recycling.

 There aren't many more"safe" projects I can tackle. I am going to have to confront a major traffic area really soon. Help!  Well, here are the after pics. Not too dramatic, but a definite and needed improvement.

From naughty to nice

Empty piano top

Presents went to their new home - Izzy's room

Beautiful Buffet

Fall table - time to bring out the Christmas decor?

Tidy tablecloths
I'm really glad this is done, especially so close to Christmas. I went through every door and drawer. Things are where they should be, and garbage is thrown away.


  1. Wow! If you are procrastinating by doing 'small' projects I hate to think what I'm doing only by 'keeping up' with my house. lol. You are inspiring me! Thanks for all the pics and projects. I am getting motivated to tackle some very messy places at my house! (BTW I hope you don't mind that I read your blog - I saw you on the peek that Kristi did on Visible Voice a long time ago and have been checking in on your cute family since then. I am always inspired by people with more kids than me, since I feel like my 3 keep me busy to the max! So, I hope you don't mind.... :)

  2. Thanks Sarah. I don't mind. I'm flattered someone I don't know personally likes to check up on me. I remember having 3. That's when I started to really feel overwhelmed. Our #4 was a surprise, so I just had to adapt. Hang in there.