Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November is William Morris Month

" Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" - William Morris

After coming across this fun blog last month, I have been totally inspired. She made a list of stuff that she'd been meaning to do around the house, or things that should be done to make it more beautiful, got rid of a lot of stuff, plugged away at it all month and blogged about it. Every year (usually spring or fall) I try to do something like this, but never make it all the way through. I am hoping that by making myself accountable to this blog, I will actually finish this time. Here is my list, it no particular order. It will not all get done in the month of November, but but most of it should. Perfect timing to get the house all dolled up, with Christms not far away. Or maybe it's a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. We'll see what happens.

-clean out back closet and garage cubbies, and put winter stuff in baskets, coats on hooks, etc.
-go through laundry/sewing room  Re-evaluate mending projects, etc.
- finish stripping chairs, stain them, recover them
- go through toy room. Be brutal.
- fill in holes, retouch paint in toy room
- paint exterior doors black gloss
- paint powder room wainscoting white semi-gloss
- paint bench and trim in entryway white semi-gloss
- paint Diningroom half wall and pillars and coffered ceiling white semi-gloss
- clean out family room shelves
- fix family room couch and ottoman
- clean out front entry closet
-  clean out kid's schoolwork, transfer to attic
- clean out fishtank, put in attic or on kijiji
- re-post stuff on kijiji
- wipe down all kitchen cabinets, ALL of them
- go through each cupboard, reorganize and purge as needed
- figure out valance or curtains for guest bath
- figure out what to do about moving around kid's rooms
- go through Izzy's room
- go through Avery's room
- gothrough Jacob and Logan's room
- go through Meghan's room
- make profile silhouette picture
- clear out all the STUFFfrom me and Brian's room
- go through armoire in my room (stash of future gifts)
- finish going through our closet, get a valet hook?
- finish putting frosted window stuff up in garage windows
- clean out and reorganize gargae
- put up wainscoting and hooks for backpacks in back entry hallway

Pretty big undertaking. Hope I'm up to it.

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