Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 19

Today I tackled Izzy's room. Well, I started to tackle Izzy's room. This was not a one day job, at least not for me. If you don't have five kids, perhaps you could do it in one day. Oh my. Where to begin. I had Izzy up with me, (she was not getting off scott free) and I asked her where she wanted to start. The dresser, the desk or the night table. She chose the desk. First we cleaned off the top and the shelf. Went through what books she wanted to keep in her room, and which ones should go downstairs with the rest. Opened up her drawer, found a $5 bill, along with so many little things I can't even list them all. I even considered nominating her the show "Hoarders". She shoves things in so many places, but yet keeps her floor immaculate. She thinks as long as the floor is clear, her room is clean. Never mind the piles upon piles on every horizontal surface in there, not to mention under her bed. I didn't even go there yet.
After the desk, we tackled her bedside table. The two drawers were stuffed full, mainly of papers and "envelopes" she had made by hand with paper and tape. Speaking of tape, I found three roles of it in her room. Three. In various stages of usage. No wonder I can never find the tape when I need it.  Anyway, we threw out a ton of stuff from her drawers. Stuff like all the beads from a necklace that had become unstrung, rocks, wrappers, tiny papers, etc.  I was very proud and pleasantly surprised that she threw stuff away. Next was the dresser. I had been thinking about moving it to the closet, but that required adjusting her closet organizers, so I got Brian on board. He did the handy stuff, while trudged on through the clutter. It freed up some floorspace, so I think we will rearrange the furniture when we're all done. It's coming along though. Hopefully one more day will do it.  The plan is for her and Meghan to share a room when Meghan is big enough. Izzy has a double bed, so they can both sleep in it. Anyway, here are some before and "during" pics.
Okay, so here are some during pics, because apparently I didn't take before pics like I swore I did. Can't find 'em on the computer. Anyway, you'll just have to take my word for it, it was a mess.
got to make more of a mess before it gets better
closet, after the dresser moved in

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