Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 4

Top shelf
Today I added pics to previous posts, and decided to clean out the front entry closet, because it was too cold to paint outside. This is where all the painting stuff is stashed. Here we have the before pics.

I found all kinds of stuff shoved in here. A plethora of pens and pencils and colored pencils that I had put in a plastic container one day while doing a fast tidy up. We must have been expecting guests or something. I also found a marble, a missing tap shoe lace, plastic page protectors I had been looking for two months ago, passport size photos of Brian, which was actually perfect timing, because he needed one for an ID, and a Santa hat, among other things.
I ended up with a nice pile of garbage, a pile to go upstairs to assorted places, a pile to go out to the garage, and a little bag of goodies to give to my sister. I have cleaned out this closet before, but never to completion. There were always stuff that I wasn't sure where to put or that I just didn't want to deal with at the time, but not this month. This month things are gittin' done!
Garbage pile
Pile to go to the garage.
My garbage pile contains an old pair of shoes, a hole nearly worn through at the toe, a used paintbrush and two paint trays I had preserved by wrapping them in plastic bags, because I wasn't quite finished with them yet. One of them still had some wet paint in it from June!! Not enough to bother with though.

A paint can I am done with, goes to the garage, as well as some sandpaper, a fly swatter and an umbrella.

Stuff to go upstairs

 Okay, now. Years ago, probably six or seven, I got a bunch of these file folder games and activities for small children, to keep them occupied and what not in church or wherever. I did do some, but not all, and now most of my kids are too old for them. They are in various stages of completion, and I just don't have the time to finish them, nor do I really want to, to be honest. So I called my sister, and she said she'd take them, and/or give them to friends.  So I put them in a bag for her and will give them to her next weekend when I see her.

After: Top Shelf

 I moved the remaining painting paraphernalia to the top shelf, so as to be out of reach of children. I will put them in the garage as I finish with them. Also up there on the top shelf are a couple of pairs of boy's size winter boots that I just posted on kijiji to sell, some board games that have lots of pieces that I like to keep out of reach, and a stash of printer paper.
After: Front Closet

The items hanging are my baby carrier/wrap, and a snowsuit and winter coat I just posted on kijiji. Hopefully those will move out quickly!!

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  1. You can see the bottom floor of your closet! That is the best feeling. I remember when I did mine, I just stared at it forever in shock. :) Great job!!